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As Managing Director of Jim Lunt & Associates, LLC, Jim Lunt is a specialist in performing due diligence on new ventures and commercialization of both new and under-exploited technologies. He utilizes a broad yet streamlined, fact-based approach to problem solving and provides advice and recommendations to senior management concerning strategic diversification issues.

Focusing on cost effective and far reaching business solutions, Lunt takes complex technical details and concepts, transforming them into readily understood elements of the total business picture. His broad technical and commercial knowledge of the polymer industry targets specific product improvement and/or differentiation from competition to achieve business growth and market leadership.

Prior to starting his own business, he pioneered the product development, applications and Asia business development activities to commercialize Polylactic Acid (PLA) polymers. Investment by two industry multi-national giants of almost $1 billion, has resulted in the most significant emerging global plastics/fibers business based on non-petroleum based renewable resources.

Jim served as the Technical Director responsible for the creation of leading-edge technologies, such as a TPE business in the USA for SarlinkTM PVC, and polyolefin dynamically vulcanized products. TPE’s are now a multi-million dollar business, replacing traditional vulcanized rubber in a variety of commodity and specialty automotive parts. Earlier, Lunt created and commercialized closed cell phenolic foams for the construction roofing industry. His innovation overcame the issues and concerns of toxicity of gases produced by combustion of polyurethane foams which are the mainstay of the roofing insulation industry. Previously, he pioneered the development and commercialization of long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics by bringing together diverse technologies of polymer coatings, glass fiber manufacture and polymer melt processing. This combined technology revolutionized the glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics industry. For the first time, injection molded glass fiber composites with the modulus and impact of metals could be produced cost effectively at commercial scale.

Dr. Lunt’s specialization has led to diversification activities for both large commodity and engineered plastics companies seeking business growth in the areas of polymer blends and alloys, impact modified and flame retardant products, UV resistance, biodegradable plastics and a number of other specialty properties for product and market differentiation.

Jim’s principal skills and services include technical and business development guidance to clients by bringing a “common sense” approach to new technologies; process/product troubleshooting; new product development in polymer blends and compounds, coatings, temperature buffering polymers and melt processable renewable resource based plastics and fibers.

Lunt’s work experience and residence in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia provides a global perspective and knowledge of how to conduct business in diverse cultures.

Dr. Lunt has co-authored numerous publications and has been an invited speaker at conferences worldwide. A recipient of the Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2002, Dr. Lunt is also the co-inventor on more than 20 patents in various fields, all involving performance polymers and chemistry solutions in new and emerging applications.