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Edward C. Gregor is Managing Director of Edward C. Gregor & Associates, LLC, specializes in new business development and the creation of growth for companies in the possession of under-exploited or breakthrough technologies, patents or manufacturing capabilities in the specialty polymer, textile fibers, textile/nonwoven fabrics, coated fabrics and filtration industries. Prior to forming his own company, he was Division Manager at Sefar America, Inc., Vice President and General Manager of Gelman Sciences Technology, Inc. and Product Manager at Haartz Mason, Inc.

Mr. Gregor has been instrumental in the development and commercialization of a number of specialty polymer, textile and filtration developments over the years. They include the first automotive air bags evaluated and field tested by Ford and General Motors in 1972. He was a pioneer in the development of coated fabric single-ply membrane roofing materials in 1977 at Tremco Corporation followed by RPM, International Inc. As the business manager, Gregor lead a team of scientists, which won an “R&D 100” award for the development of oleophobic microporous membranes using electron-beam polymerization technology in 1989. Working with Ausimont, Inc. (now Solvay Solexis), he helped create a business platform for Halar® fluoropolymer meltblown nonwoven in 1994, followed by business development activities for Cargill Dow, LLC NatureWorks™ PLA polymer for use in Ingeo™ fibers beginning in 1998 and with Polymer Group, Inc., Durapex™ brand hydroentangled polyester and Nomex® nonwoven fabrics, an alternative to needlefelt fabric for use in baghouse filtration in 2001.

Technologies currently in the commercialization process include Whitford Corporation’s environmentally friendly fluorochemcials and low-friction finishes for use in apparel, upholstery and carpeting. Beginning in 2006, Gregor provided development expertise to Dynamic Modifiers, LLC for the commercialization of an extraordinary fire resistance thermoplastic polymer, which will not carry a flame, smoke, drip, yield toxic gases or deform when exposed to a flame for use in aerospace applications. He helped create and arranged for a Fortune 100 company to fund and license ThermaPore™ silicone carbide fiber filter technology from Industrial Ceramic Solutions, LLC for use in diesel exhaust particulate emission control legislated into law for 2007 in the USA and Europe and Japan in 2008. Industry filter growth is expected to top $3 billion by 2010. Mr. Gregor provides strategic planning and due diligence services to companies seeking acquisitions in the specialty polymer, fiber, textile and filtration industries and serves on boards of directors.

Mr. Gregor is the chairman of Filtration News magazine technical advisory board and on the textile advisory board of the Journal of Industrial Textiles and Coated Fabrics. He is the co-founder and Editorial Consultant of the magazine Technical Textile Technology (T³), a first for the North American market. Ed is an Associate Member of INDA and a member of the Fiber Society. Ed Gregor is co-founder of the American Filtration & Separations Society in 1987, and has served as past Chairman in 1990 and 2004 and a member of the board of directors and executive committee. He was presented the title of Filtration Fellow in 2002. Mr. Gregor is a frequent a moderator and has given numerous papers at all the leading Conferences in the North America on the subjects of specialty polymers, textiles, fibers, nonwoven fabrics, coated fabrics and filtration.